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I’ve been levelling my first char, Marksman. I got a decent bow early on and have been using it until now. Aand, I picked up a gold bow which seems to have better stats at least on paper. But my skills scale better with the low level bow… Is it because of the added fire damage? Or what is behind this dps number?
Have a look at the image Hell Reach (12 base + 19 fire = 31 total bow damage) does 1650 DPS where Salvaged bow (19+23% = 23 total bow damage) only 1208 DPS. How is this number calcualted?

Edit: ok, it seems that the ratio between both bow damages and DPS on Detonating arrows is the same. So it that must be scaling of total bow damage. But still how is that DPS calculated is beyond me atm. ^^

And another question - Does it make sense to work on armor shred and elemental resistance reduction for using Detonating arrow? If Scaling tag doesn’t have physical, will it benefit from reduced armor?


OK, I don’t know much about bows, but I note two things on your picture:

  • Detonating arrow has 125% efficiency for bow damage. That would apply to your Hell Reach, not to the general physical damage of your second bow.
  • Hell Reach has more attack speed, which increases the DPS (Damage Per Second, as in timed).
    Hope this helps.

I shall leave the specific marksman question about Detonating Arrow to Trikster. :wink:


It applies to both. All damage that isn’t the base damage of the skill (2 lightning damage for Detonating Arrow) is modified by the skill’s added damage effectiveness. There’s no difference between an implicit adding X flat bow damage & a prefix adding X flat bow damage, they are both treated the same by the skill.

Also, if you read the bow stats again, you’ll see that the second one has no flat phys damage. Most weapons were converted from phys implicit damage to un-typed implicit damage (“19 bow damage” as compared by what it would have been pre-0.9, “19 bow physical damage”, which would have all been converted to Lighting in any event by Detonating Arrow).

The 23% is for physical damage which Detonating Arrow does not do so it has no effect. DA converts all flat untyped bow damage (ie, +X bow damage but not +X bow physical damage or +X physical damage) into the relevant element (lightning in this case). So The Hellreach has much higher flat damage (12+19) as well as slightly higher attack speed (10% v 8%).

Yes, armour is more effective against physical damage, but it does still affect non-physical (at 75% compared to it’s effect on physical). Armour shred is the same (but negative).

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Not anymore bruh, it lost conversion with 0.9 and does deal (mixed)physical damage any generic bow damage will be lightning but flat phys and fire from gear nd passives stays phys… Prolly wanna edit the post as gonna cause more confusion.

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I think you are right. I did crunch some numbers (already edited the first post). It seems that +%dmg is also taken into account when scaling dps on that skill at least.

Yeah, that’s fair, I’d forgotten that they’d changed the conversion rules when they changed implicit damage. Everything else was good though.

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All skills function the same vis-a-vis damage calcs.

Any added damage is modified by the skill’s added damage effectiveness. Any un-typed damage uses the skill’s damage tags to choose an element (if multiple tags the damage is split equally, an unspec’d ele nova is a good example of the as it has cold, fire and lightning tags do +30 spell damage would result in +10 fire, +10 cold and +10 lightning). By element, all flat damage is added uo and the sum of any appropriate % increased damage modifiers are applied. Then by element each appropriate % more damage modifier is applied separately.

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