Boundless blows + Veil of night only gives dusk shroud stacks on first hit

Channeling flurry does not seem to give dusk shroud on longer channels.
If I tap tap tap the channeling, then I get more dusk shroud stacks.

Sure Veil of night says “when you USE a melee attack and hit at least one enemy you have a chance to gain a stack of dusk shroud”

Might be overpowered if we could get dusk shrouds on longer channels, but feels clunky nonetheless.

Hope this helps!
Great game guys!

Ah I just found a thread about this “problem” from before and it seems intended.
Channeling flurry also gives Perfection stacks with every tap (every use of the skill)

I hope there will be a (greatly reduced) way of gaining multiple stacks of things with one long channel.

Those are all “on use” which for channelled skills is when you start channelling.

Not a bug.

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