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Bought through Steam

Bought through steam, I cannot find where to link steam to last epoch and I also do not have the pet. Any help would be appreciated.

Same just bought on steam i can’t see where link the steam account to website

how to collegate steam with last epoch site?

Same here! I want my cute pet thingy :frowning:

Its been fixed! just get the newest version on steam download it should be version 0.8c which has you sign into your last epoch account to log in, and when you do that it auto links with your steam account and you get the cosmetic pet! I hope this helps yall!!

well yeah i have the update. Logged in with this account but no luck yet

Any of you havin progress ?

I have bought by Steam too and no pet.

they have disabled the log in temporarily, from one of the steam update pages I read about it, after they bring it back you should be good

Now I have my pet.only press “k” and the pet was in game yesterday evening.

I have the same Problem! Only see pet not owned.

are your steam and epoch accounts synced?

That was my Problem, now it work´s fine :slight_smile: