Bought the game yesterday- still "no license found"!

verifying the game files.
logging (loling) out of steam and relogging.

I’ve registered through the website- since the ingame account creation didn’t work.

yes, its an L-24 error.

sent a ticket an hour ago- no response yet.

what i don’t get is:
on my account “my games” it says “BUY last Epoch”. as if it doesn’t link the steam account and the game account.

how is that even done? I never linked it, and i don’t know how the game assumes that email has the steam account which proves i have the game.

how does the game know you have a steam account with the bought game?
are they aware of it? I’m guessing alot of people bought the game directly which solved that problem, because the game account is not via steam.

I’m guessing once i see Last Epoch on “my games” on my account without the buy button, that should mean i can play the game?? <<<<<<<<<

you really need a devops guy to handle that kind of error. not a good start when buying the game :frowning:

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