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Bought the game on steam, no supporter pack included?

I bought the game on steam 2-3 nights ago and loved it but realized that I didn’t get a supporter pack because it wasn’t included on steam so now I’m wondering if I could be granted the lowest tier supporter pack (it’s the same price as the base game). I also went to buy the supporter pack but it wouldn’t let me as I already own the base game. Any help appreciated, ty.

You do get the base pack once you buy it on steam. Just need to link your account created on this site with steam.

Moving thread from Feedback and Suggestions to Customer Service.

Hi @Celsius,

First, I would like to thank you for your support. I recognize a lot of factors are weighed up when one decides whether to buy an Early Access game, particularly in cases where it is the first game developed by an indie studio. We really do greatly appreciate your early support.

When people buy Last Epoch through Steam, they should automatically be granted the full contents of the $35 Ardent Gladiator supporter pack. I have personally taken the responsibility for checking each of the items included in this package to see whether it was available to you - and in cases where it was not, manually assigned it to your account.

To access your Juvenile Skullen in-game pet, please open the Cosmetics window - the default keybind for this is K - and click on one of the Companion Pet slots.

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Thank you kindly, I figured it out.

Ok, sorry for being ignorant of this but how do you link the two accounts. I thought when I logged in through Steam it was linked.

This same issue happened to me, and I also cannot upgrade my supporter pack through the website.

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