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Bought the game at steam, and cant login now


i bought the game at steam.

If i start the game with steam, (already downloaded with steam), it brings me after a loading time of 3-4 Minutes to the Login-Screen. And there i have to fill in Username and Password. If i use my steam username and password, it dont works. Not correct username or password it says.

If i create a new account in client, and use the new username and password, the account have no acess (cause the game dont know, that i bought the game at steam).

So: how can i tell the game, that my account has bought the game with steam.

There is a helpsite here, telling me what to do, if i bought the game from developer and want it to connect to steam. Fine. But i need the other way. Cause Steam dont log me autmatically into the game. What is really frustrating. ATM it feels like giving Steam 29 Euro for absolutly nothing…

The way is the same. You need to link your Last Epoch Account to your Steam Account. You should get directed to the according page when you try to log in.

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