Bosses need 1-2 more moves

Bosses take quite a long time to kill in this game. Even on a high-dps character (adaptive DR?) monolith bosses cycle through all their moves multiple times. It gets pretty repetitive and boring. Future designs and revamps of current ones need 1-2 more moves, or maybe one move that’s a bit more dangerous and happens less frequently. Something to keep those long fights interesting.

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And yes, another move would be nice, maybe plus an additional one for empowered.

Adding moves to empowered version of current bosses might be the coolest way to implement this suggestion actually, it would really give players a sense of progression and of breaking new ground.

I would also add multiple moves per boss and then RANDOMIZE said moves so that you can’t sleepwalk through the patterns.

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No thanks. Learning boss patterns in high stakes is already enough of a chore, IMO.

That’s literally what they’ve done with shades and the shades are the perfect place to do it. No need to do that with mono bosses IMO. Just add more moves to shades for a bigger random pool :slight_smile:

What can I say? I like to be kept on my toes. Overcoming a challenge is part of the fun.

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I find it very, very weird that people play an ARPG and when something is challenging or takes time they call it a “chore” or “a waste of our time”.

It seems to me like they want to play Save Editor or Cookie Clicker instead of the actual game. Just automatically get everything.


This is another reason I’m against pity systems and am in favor of general RNG. If everyone is “special” then no one is. If everyone has “everything” then no one has anything of value.

That’s only true for trade. Items can still have value to the player (build-enabling uniques for example) just not to anyone else if everyone has them.

I agree with your general sentiment but there’s a pretty big gap between not wanting everything to be a challenge and just wanting an auto-clicker game.

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to say, “There, I spent the time learning this boss, I have learned it, and now I can relax a bit when I fight it.”

Not everything is a challenge, so that’s already OK :slight_smile:

Bosses IMO should be. If there’s a boss I’m aspiring to beat, it makes me want to play, makes me want to find items and figure out builds. A big part of my motivation is that I’ve never cleared lvl 100 soulfire or Julra. The game needs more hard bosses. It already has plenty of relaxing, easy ones.

Randomizing monolith boss moves obviously isn’t the way to go though. Adding moves to higher corruption ones however? That seems interesting. As long as you stay on current corruption you have your relaxing boss fight that you wanted. And I can push higher to have my challenge.

Love this idea. Bosses that get new moves at certain corruption levels and change up the attack pattern – then randomize it when the corruption gets high enough.

That’s fine. The way they get there should not be the randomization of bosses that you only get one attempt to learn at a time.

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