Boring crows build

This is a six crows Beastmaster.

This build is doing rather well. Currently level 74 in Reign of the Dragons, with no real difficulty.
My problem is that the gameplay is boring. Of course I assign targets for the crows and their spells, I use Warcry when useful, Frenzy totem as soon as I get to a pack of mobs, nothing is on autocast… but most of my time is for Swipe. And I find this boring.

Maybe someone else could like the gameplay, so I give it to you, but I feel I will stop playing it.
Have fun, and if you find ways to make it better, don’t hesitate to share!

Why not play another spec that isn’t a summoner?

I play multiple other heroes.
I have two Necromancer that I really love, even if they ahre summoners, though.
I have at least two heroes of each mastery (except for Spellblade, I have only one), I like to try all playstyles.
I love the beastmaster, but this one specifically feels boring. For me.

If you want to try it, be my guest! And if you find a better way to build him, I’d be happy to know.

I am playing a variation on boardman’s 8K ward crow build using Ucenui’s Sphere.

having fun spaming double tornado (with lightning proc)

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Interesting build. Low life with a Primalist is not that common. ^^

Yeah, but it works quite well given the Primalist Berserker passive (up to 100% more melee damage & 30% less damage taken when on low life), plus the Ursine Strength & Aspect of the Boar/Porcine Constitution passives. All told you can get 58.8% damage reduction at all times for all damage, before any other form of mitigation.

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