Borderless Window & Screen Resolution keeps beaking in every Zone

I use a 4k monitor as my main monitor, and my gtx 970 isn’t able to run last epoch in full 4k (I mean it does, but with ~0.5 fps), so I’ve set the display mode to “borderless window” and the screen resolution to 1920x1080.
This works great, until I enter a new Zone, then the game sets the resolution back to 4k, and my whole computer slows to a crawl, and its a pain to navigate the options menu with 1 frame every two seconds, to set the resolution to something else and back to 1920x1080 again.

Using “Windowed” or “Full Screen” modes are no option for me, “Windowed” 1080p on a 4k monitor is just way too small and “Full Screen” then pushes half of the actual main Screen Content (other programs) onto my second monitor, which makes the second monitor absolutely useless at that point, not to mention the 3 second black screen flicker, when you tab out from a full screen game.

I hope you are able to fix this issue soon, as I would really like to finally be able to reach the endgame, without getting utterly annoyed from switching the resolution over and over and over again.

Kind regards

Hey there, Welcome to the forums…

This is something that has happened to others in the past and is something that the devs need to look in terms of forcing it… What is happening is that its taking your native windows resolution when it loads into a new map.

It doesnt seem to work for everyone but there seems to be a workaround for some players in that if they set their native resolution before playing LE to 1080p (or whatever they want to play at) , then load LE, make the changes and then tab out reset the desktop etc… it seems to work better…

Others find they have to (annoyingly) change their desktop first to the resolution they want to play at and change it back when they are done… This isnt great but does work for now.

Also… you havent provided details in logs/settings etc but some people find that if they use vsync things can go funky… especially if their 4k monitor is actually a TV type… Sometimes the actual hardware native resolution keeps forcing the game to think its 4k… There might be a hardware config on the monitor to tell it to not do this - like a PC mode etc…

But yes,… whatever workaround is possible, the devs do still need to look into this one.

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