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Borderless window mode listening to keypress events when alt tabbed during start up

This is a very specific bug so I will try to explain it best I can. Start the game in borderless window mode, and choose to load a character. While the character is loading set focus to another opened application like chrome. Once the character is loaded (and your focus is still on chrome), typing in any letter in chrome will be interrupted by Last Epoch. For example, pressing F will bring up the forge. The only way to resolve it is to set focus back to Last Epoch then go back to Chrome. My initial thought is during the loading screen, unity is not able to detect if GameObjects has focus. My limited knowledge would suggest that there isn’t an initial OnApplicationFocus check or something to that extent.

Another known UI interaction issue… At the moment the only way to deal with this is to not Alt-tab (used to cause much more serious issues like crashing) or not use borderless window. For me this issue seems to be obvious if you alt-tab when the game is transitioning - i.e. loading a char, using a portal to load a new map etc… It seems to happen less if you wait to alt-tab when the game is not doing anything complex.

Not a dev, but I am pretty sure its on their long list of to-do items to fix.

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Hey, yeah I am aware of the work around. I tried looking through the current bugs and couldn’t find anything so thought I’d drop it in here.

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