Bonus damage from crits

So just want to understand if i understand the mechanics here correctly. If i wear a catalyst and take 6pts in Mental Catalysis (thus 48% less damage from crits) and then wear Body Armor with T7 “Fortification” suffix that gives say another 52% am i then effectively crit avoid capped ?

Technically you will still be crited, but the crit will do the same dmg a regular hit would.
So yes but no but yes


so if a monster does 100 normal damage and has say 300% crit multiplier then when the monster crits

  1. with no crit avoidance or less damage from crits i then take 300 damage (is it just 300% or 1+300% = 400 damage ?)

  2. with 100% crit avoid do i take no damage or just the normal 100 damage ?

  3. the way i understand your response above is with 100% less damage from crit i do then still take the 100 “normal” damage ?

Base crit multi is 200%, and I don’t think you can change it on monster
But to answer the rest

  1. I think you would take 300 dmg
    2 You avoid the crit but still take the hit (avoid=/=dodge)
    3 Yes you still take 100.

And “less bonus dmg from crit” is capped at 100%. There is no way you can reduced the crit to a smaller hit than a regular hit would do.

Regarding crit avoid it works like this
1 the mob skill touches you
2 do you dodge? Let’s say no
3 is this a crit? Let’s say yes
4 do you avoid being crit?

cool thanks

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If there are any “when you take a crit” effects, they would never trigger if you had crit avoidance but would trigger if you had less bonus damage from crits with the end result is that you’d take the same damage in both cases.

Isnt the new mechanic just better? It comes with armor on top and lets say you have 90% crit avoidance, every 10th crit comes through and still might instakill you. With less bonus dmg you wont suddenly lay flat on the earth.

On <T5 the values for less bonus dmg are higher than crit avoid.

If I had to guess it’s because there is no “less bonus dmg on crit” blessing iirc

Also, there are a few bases that have crit avoid as their implicit, so it might be just easier to cap.

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Some monolith mods do things on a crit last I checked. These things are not extra damage but triggered effects

But yes, it should be harder to cap than crit avoid, just because it comes with armor.(and also because some melee weapons give you 50%, so the less on crit does not need as many slots to cap even if they nerfed the t5 values)

Crit avoid should be for those without a passive or weapon that gives them it.(or maybe they could make it linked to dodge)

There is no weapon that has crit avoid, but they do have less damage from crits. This is easier to get than avoid blessing

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