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Bone Splinter Mechanics

I was wondering if bone splinters act as individual projectiles or just an AOE effect?

I had an idea to get the skill node that causes marrow shards to be destroyed at the cursor location, and use the bone splinters to deal high damage to a single target. The idea was to aim just before the target. That way they would be hit by multiple bone splinters, dealing extra damage. After testing the idea a bit though, it seems that no matter how many of the visible bone splinters hit the target, the damage is the same.

It seems to bone splinters are just an AOE cone with the same damage no matter how much of the cone’s area a target occupies

Does anyone have an idea of how the mechanics of this skill work?

A while ago I tried a Marrow Shards build I found on YouTube. I used to click somewhere in the middle between me and my target to have the more efficiency possible, but I did not do the math to compare clicking on it or close to it.

Almost all skills that have multiple projectiles cannot hit the same target unless otherwise stated such as

Embers node in fireball
Multishot on marksman forget name of node

But things like hungering souls, marrow shards, bome splinters, ice thorns and such cannot all hit the same target on 1 cast

Hungering Souls is very misleading visually since it’s a homing projectile and multiple projectiles can target a single mob visually but only one can actually hit. I was a bit confused at first about this…

I think I’ve seen the Golem’s Bone Nova not hit something that was well within range so I’d think that they’re individual projectiles that can “miss” is the mob is not in it’s path. That said, as Boardman says, any multi-proj skill that fires them at once won’t shotgun while multi-proj that are fired one after the other can shotgun.

Ah, that is good to know. Thanks for the information. Shotgunning the mob would probably be a little op, so Iguess it makes sense.