Bone Nova Golem build Featuring volatile zombies!

So I have played a lot of necromancer, and I have decided to make an updated bone golem nova build which will still be 100% viable, and untouched for next patch in 0.8.3. In the past people have done bone golem nova, but without the option of also scaling for good ward defense. Currently, I am level 90 with this, and plan on farming a lot of extra gear for it.

Skill Trees







(Currently in gear) Gear Planner

Spam volatile zombies for lots of ward, and spam Marrow shards, hitting your golem to proc bone novas, and pierces through enemies in front, and behind it to leech mana for you. Cast bone nova and dread shade to infuse your golem with lots of damage. ALTERNATIVE: put transplant on your bar for more mobility, and un equip bone curse, until you need it for bosses, and enemies that have high health, and are more tankier. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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You might possibly want to delete this one:

Yeah, I don’t know why it messed up like that, I’m exhausted, ha.

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Nice build! I am curious about this though:

Confirmed changes to dread shade.
Confirmed changes to bone golem.
IMO likely changes coming to zombies (the ward is to much when scaled)


yeah, I should say “so far” as the only changes to dread shade they said would be less taunt, crit chance, and less damage, from nodes, and for bone golem they just said changes to its taunt mechanic. but they didn’t say anything yet about changes to volatile zombie, and have only showed us additional ways to proc zombies.

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Less taunt, Less Crit, Less Damage, Also the base default is changed to make it just give Necrotic damage as well as the armor no longer scales by INT, its now by vitality which is harder to scale.

As for bone golem. yes in the recent forum post reguarding it they did only mention Taunt, however in previous dev streams and social platforms they have mentioned the new bone golem. This implied art and node changes.

EDIT: I should add this of course doesnt take place till 8.3+. This build is still good, to anyone reading definitely give it a shot! :slight_smile:

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