Bone Minions created from Transplant Simulacrum node do not scale with intelligence


Bone minions from the simulacrum node in transplant do not scale with intelligence or character level, making them incredibly squishy compared to other minions, making these nodes basically useless. By comparison, Summon Skeletal Vanguard from the Harvest Legion Lich passive node gains 9 flat health per intelligence and per level, allowing them to be relevant even for builds that do not spec large amounts of +% minion health.

I think the simulacrum bone minions should have at least as much intelligence and level scaling as Summon Skeletal Vanguard minions, if not more given fully speccing into them costs 5 skill points, which greatly exceeds the opportunity cost of the 2 passive points for skeletal vanguard on kill chance (which you might take anyways to access the 10% execute).


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