Bone Golem Suggestion (anti-stuck solution)

I’m playing as a Necromancer with a large army of Ranged Skeleton and using the Bone Golem as my front liner. However more often than I can count. My Bone Golem always get stuck within my Skeleton Army and unable to get to the front line. He just run on place against my Skeleton.

My suggestion is:
The Bone Golem should be able to push Minions out of his way when he moves.

I mean look at it size and he use some kind of Charge ability to get to enemies that are far away from him.

That would be more than logical that he would be able to push out of his way the Minions that are on his path and not simply get stuck into them and become completely useless.



This would definitely be better than how things are currently, but I honestly don’t see why minions should collide with each other at all in the first place.