Bone Golem Not Attacking

Greetings to the one reading this. Just wanted to mention a couple things,. EHG team is doing great btw :slight_smile:

  • Bone golem (maybe other minions as well) is quite slow to respond to A key (attack - move command). Not sure if this is a bug but it feels quite clunky and unintended.
  • About 1 out of 4 echoes whose objective is to destroy the spires, bone golem (maybe other minions as well) will not attack the spire if you press A on it, and will just stare at it from a distance. You have to press A right next to the spire in order for it to move there and then attack it.

Same thing with Abomination golem. Some times there is enemies around you and Golem just ignore them until you start spamming A key. Little annoying because i have no melee skills on me, and full damage maker is my peace loving Golem.

Are you noticing this happening with all enemies or has it been specific enemies that seem to be having the problem?

How to explain. I play LE year and my first and favorite character is Acolyte. Tryed it and just fall in love, because skeletons and golem always stands close to player and attack all around you, not like in Diablo 3 where pet can just leave you and go to other side of map.
Now with multiplayer thing its changed, skeletons and golem feels just choppy. Don’t attack enemy even if you stand in area with 15 mobs around you, or some times just go one screen away to attack something. Maybe its some server latency thing or Ai just changed.

It’s potentially a latency issue, we’re looking into some lag and desync issues on our end. Do you have a timeframe for when you might’ve seen this issue occur? Having your timezone as well would help. There’s a chance something is happening on the server that is causing lag.

I’ll add that I feel this might be a leashing issue as well. There are several times an on screen ranged enemy is attacking me and my minions will stand by me and die and only move to attack once I move closer to them. This also happens in combat, as in there are 5 melee enemies and 2 ranged and my minions clear the melee but the distant enemies don’t get attacked unless I move to them myself.

I always play at night (from 10pm to 5am). Im in CET zone, and server says EU West (connection speed always 30 - 40ms). I think this issue started with latest patch E. At multiplayer launch version i believe all worked same as in single player version 0.8.5F

There is video with latest multiplayer Abomination:
Passive Golem

There is video with latest single player Abomination:
Active Golem

First one is normal mono. Second one is mono 100+.
How you see single player Golem just do his job pretty well.
Multiplayer just think to mutch :slight_smile:

Is this issue for both the Bone Golem and Abomination or is it just being seen on Abomination as that’s what is shown in the videos here.

Bone golem looks fine (its aggressive) and attacks without delay. Abomination feels like it think attack or not (in some cases you need spam A to trigger its attacks).

Just to make sure, you were seeing this issue with the Bone Golem and not the Abomination is that correct? I’m just trying to figure out if it’s both minions or just one of them.