Bone Curse's Oppressive Gaze and Sigil of Mortality affect Mark for Death differently with Cursed Limbs

Bone Curse’s Sigil of Mortality works as written. It only applies Mark for Death on the targets for 2 seconds on cast. I have the node Cursed Limbs at 5/5 and thought maybe Mark for Death would be applied on hits then too but it doesn’t (I think this is intended though). Now, however, when I take Oppressive Gaze, then strangely enough I am applying Mark for Death on hits. I think this is unintended. Moreover, it looks like Mark for Death is not applied consistently through hits. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. Note that I have no other means of applying Mark for Death as far as I am aware (e.g. no minions with the idol and no Haunting from Reaper Form).

Suggestion: I think being able to apply Mark for Death through hits with Bone Curse is nice but it makes Haunting from Reaper Form more obsolete. I would suggest that either Mark for Death is not applied through hits with Bone Curse or that it becomes an intended function (that then also works with Sigil of Mortality).

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