Bone curse skill with necrotic damage


Quick question about Bone Curse. I am using a Necrotic build (Based on boardman Death seal with Soul Feast) and I am wondering why the damage of Bone curse goes down by 24% when I switch to Necrotic using the Misery node even if I have way more increased Necrotic damage.

I have 200% increased Physical damage and 866% Necrotic, yet the DPS changes as follow:

With Misery node (necrotic) : 3366 DPS
Without Misery node (respected it) 4600 DPS

Anyone know how does this make sense?


Most likely a bug.

As a side note though, I would not worry about converting damage to necrotic. Bone curse damage is quite low…you would be better off getting more utility out of it I would assume. The real reason you are using bone curse is for the mark for death anyway. Getting extra damage doesnt hurt but I always try to pick up the slow and chill as well. If i can fit the armor shred then thats great. Depends if you are doing on hit or if you are using mana and cant use the curse very often.

I would assume with soul feast, you are probably starved for mana anyway so you will want to pick up the node that makes it last forever (oppressive gave) and then as many points in cursed limbs so that you can apply it to a lot of mobs. Lots of ways to build it, but thats probably what i would end up doing. Depends on the rest of the build though.

Quick note: the tooltip DPS numbers are dodgy at best (no offense meant, it is the case in every game, too many factors involved), don’t trust them.
Only way to know if your damage goes up or down is to tickle a dummy with your Bone Curse, first without Misery, then with it, and see what happens.

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