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Bone Curse question

I want to use Hungering Souls and Wandering Spirits as my primary damage. Is Bone Curse useless for ranged attacks? It doesn’t seem to do anything.

Bone Curse only triggers on hit.

Wanderings Spirits do not hit inherently, onyl with their poison projectile node, whic hthen again is currently bugged with bone curse. (Not sure if they have fixed that)

Hungering Souls only hit once on the initial impact.

Bone Curse itself is definitely very strong and usefull, but just not with the skills you use as primariy skills.

Thanks! Hopefully that gets fixed. And I hope HS gets a buff :slight_smile:

Hungering Souls did infact just recieved a buff in 0.8, which was reasonable. Its still not THE best skill, but you can definitely work with it as a secondary skill.

HS has alot of cool interaction with idols and some other skills casting it.

Thanks again! Good to know. There’s not a lot coming up in searches, and I saw several outdated comments about HS being very weak. I’ll keep keeping on! :slight_smile: