Bone Curse: Marrow thief also working on me when minions make the kill?


If I put 1 point in mirrow thief in the bone curse tree and if my minion kills a cursed monster, do I also get the bone armor from mirrow thief or do I have to kill the monster myself to get it?

It’s important how things are worded.

The node does state: “If you kill […]”

You are not your minions. So the answer is no.

Just to clarify further, in case other confusion comes up: Bone Curse’s Damage actually does not need to be the killing blow, but the last hit on the enemy must originated from YOU.

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Thanks a lot for your reply, this clarifies it pretty much :slight_smile: . I will have to respec then, thank you.

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Even though the damage from Bone Curse is attributed to the player (according to the devs, not entirely sure)? So I’d have thought that if the bone curse hit was the killing blow then the kill should be attributed to the player.

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Yes, the bone curse damage is.

So in theory a minion could trigger Marrow Thief, if the bone curse did the killing blow.

I just said, that the killing blow doesn’t need to be bone curse.

But that’s such an rare cases, that it’s neglectable

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Playing pure summoner with only minions, so I won’t use it if the chance to proc it is super rare ^^

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