Bone Curse: Illusion of Pain mode

Not sure the following will work…

My build is Necrotic damage based Lich using Rip Blood, Bone Curse, Transplant, Reaper and Death Seal. I have Oppressive Gaze so the curse only hits one target. I am not casting Bone Curse directly, I am Transplanting in to cast it with Doom Bringer node, then hitting everything else with Rip Blood to spread the curse around around via Cursed Limbs.

Firstly does that plan work? Will Rip Blood hits spread the curse to everything I hit even with Oppressive Gaze?

More importantly I am about to take the Illusion of Pain node to make the curse always crit, but this makes it fall off after 1 hit only. And this node goes on about me having to cast BC directly for the crit niode to work. BC also gets a cooldown.

Will this plan fly? If BC is applied via Rip Blood and Cursed Limbs, will Illusion of Pain work properly?

Many thanks.

It works currently yes. But it is most likely a bug that will get patched out eventually. I would be wary of making a build around it unless a dev says it’s working as intended.


Not sure about that, but Cursed Limbs will reapply Bone Curse before it “falls off”.

If you have the Rip Blood node in Bone Curse and some minions to do the hitting then it will definitely work (as thats what I’m doing).

I’m not sure its a bug as its always worked this way.

Well Illusion of Pain states that it has to be applied directly by the bone curse spell. I don’t think a trigger from transplant should work? I could be wrong though.

I assumed that one would work OK since the Transplant node says “you cast Bone Curse”. It is Cursed Limbs I am unsure about since it reads “you apply Bone Curse”.