Bone Curse: Illusion of Pain + Cursed Limbs + Rip Blood double splatter

Currently trying to use Rip Blood(tree) to spam Bone Curse (tree) procs however upon testing upon the training dummy, I’m only getting 3 damage numbers to show up.

I have found this post which might have some related information but it quotes damage numbers not showing up as opposed which I don’t know if its fixed or not since I’m getting one of the Bone Curse damage procs to show up and its definitely not critting.

Expected behaviour:
Cast Bone Curse
Rip Blood - Blood Splatter (First splatter since I’m using Marrow Drinker in Rip Blood Tree) should proc Bone Curse but also apply it at the same time
Rip Blood - Blood Splatter (Second splatter from Eviscerate in Rip Blood Tree) should proc the Bone Curse applied by the first Blood Splatter

Expected Damage:
Splatter damage
Bone Curse damage - This should be a crit
Splatter damage
Bone Curse damage - This should be a crit

Observed Behaviour: 3 damage numbers
Splatter damage
Bone curse damage - This is not a crit, which suggests Illusion of Pain is not working properly
Splatter damage

Two major points of concern:

  • Bone Curse damage with Illusion of Pain is not critting
  • Bone Curse is not being procced by the second blood splatter from Rip Blood (as far as what I can observe from my testing)

There is currently a bug where if multiple damage numbers occur at the same time only 1 of them is being shown. So what’s likely happening is that the non-crit blood splatter damage number is being shown and not the bone curse number.

That said, Illusion of Pain states that the crit should only happen when Bone Curse is directly cast, not proc’d. However, there is what I suspect is a bug with that as well in that if you also have the Crimson Enlightenment node (in addition to the nodes you state) and your minions trigger the Bone Curse then the Bone Curse proc will always crit.

TLDR: what you ate seeing us likely a bug, just not the bug you think it is.

Based on what you’ve said then I should only see two damage numbers from the dummy instead of three?

In regards to the critical damage, I guess I misunderstood the Illusion of Pain node, I thought that applying the curse from Cursed Limbs still counted as directly applying the curse from the spell since it is the spell that enables the curse on hit.

I scoured the other skill trees and can’t see any mention of Bone Curse there so you must be right. I think it might be worthwhile mentioning in either the Cursed Limbs or Illusion of Pain advanced tooltips that Cursed Limbs does not count as directly applied from the spell?

Also do you happen to know if Bone Curse damage can crit at all? It feels like despite me having 13% spell crit strike chance, I’ve never seen the Bone Curse damage itself crit, this was before I even took Illusion of Pain.

Yes, Bone Curse can crit just like any other (non-DoT) spell.

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