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Bone curse bugs

Hello EHG!

The node “Illusion of Pain” of bone curse seems to have 2 bugs:

  • It says that bone curse is removed after only one hit → not true, it stays for 3 hits. I suspect that in the code it only reduce the hits counter by one (instead of setting it to 1). Since the node before set it to 4, it then become 3 hits max. You can see in the video bellow that the bone curse is removed after 3 melee attack.
  • It says it always crit → false too, only white damage displayed.

The node “Crimson enlightment” does not seem do be working properly:

  • Except if “time out” does not consider when the bone cursed it removed due to the max hit counter from the nodes above. If it’s the expected behavior, I think it is a shame, it should proc the “time out” effect after max hits is reached.

There seems to be weird interactions between “Crimson enlightment” and “cursed limb

  • It should let me auto cast Rip blood with every hit since each hit apply bone curse and bone curse should proc rip blood when removed (excep it paragraph above is the expected behavior). See the video bellow, I only proc one Rip blood (after 3 hits).

Here is a short video where you can see all the bugs listed above (the double blood splatter comes from a single rip blood cast, I have 120% chance to proc blood splatter) :