Bone curse aura w/ Misery causes eye strain

The graphical effect of Bone curse aura when converted to necrotic using Misery node is quite pronounced and causes eye strain (at least to me). It is significantly worse when in dark areas.

I think following factors contribute to it:

  • the color is near the peak of human eye sensitivity and quite saturated
  • the graphic contains moving contrasting lines (that attract attention, even when mostly meaningless)
  • it is strongest in the close proximity of your character where most of the action tends to happen (esp. when you are using aura, auto-centered on you), covering the action

Contrast it with Aura of Decay: the color is more muted, it doesn’t create strong lines that would suggest there’s something requiring attention, the graphics move more slowly and its border is more pronounced (that’s the part that is actually important for gameplay). (239.0 KB)

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