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BM Spriggan Build 0.8D

Had a few requests of showing a BM version of the Spriggan build, so here we go :

This time its focused on Hit/Crit with Big Vines (Abomination down in 10 sec)

EDIT : Instead of the Scorpion skill shown in the video we now use a Wolf :

Gear Planner :

Link to a Shaman version :


Updated the OP with a new skill instead of Scorpion which wasnt used (Thanks to @war1ock for the idea)

Do you consider an update for the new patch? This is by far my favorite build.

I dont think much has changed for this build other than the weapon now should be a skeletal sceptre crafted with minion physical damage, and you should try weave in as much endurance in your gear and passives as possible.
Hopefully ill have a closer look at it one of these days, and ill correct this thread if i find other changes.

Iā€™m a bit confused (all new to LE).

There are different skill choices in the video & the build planner.
which ones should i go with?

The build planner also only puts 10 points in druid? :slight_smile:

Hey, i made an explanation on youtube, but just ask if you got further questions :wink:

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Thank you so much for the swift reply. Will use my remaining gold to switch to this build in a few hours. I will give you an update later on how a noob finds it :smiley:

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