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BM: Best 2 (maybe 3) pets for melee pet damage build?

Planning a physical damage pet build using Totems to shred armour. What’s the best physical damage pets? I guess the choices are Wolves, Raptor, Bear and Sabre. I will probably pick 2 to 3 of those and almost certainly Wolves will be one. Any thoughts?

when you say pets, are you referring to companions, or minions, there’s a distinct difference.

Wolves, Raptor, Bear or Sabre

Solo Raptor must be the highest dps build so far. It’s damage gets tripled via BM solo companion passives. Can reach 100% crit chance with 400% crit damage. + really low requirements to your gear.

And the most satisfying part - this pet build cannot ruin your fps since you have only one pet.

yeah it’s pretty sweet, much better then lightning relaition wolfs, that’s for sure. I actually cant stand a bunch of lightning effects going off, it kills your fps, and hurts your eyes, if you dont have glasses that have the icq tech to protect your eyeballs from such effect.

I can now be more specific. My build kind of naturally evolved into a Bleed/Poison pet hybrid. I have 5 companions doing bleeds and have stacked Minion DoT, Minion dodge and minion damage. I’ve kind of settled on these skills:

Sabre: Maxed Bleed
Wolves: Max Bleed
Thorn Totems: Poison based
Roots: Enabling Poison and all the heals

5th skill will either be the final companion (Scorpion, Bear or Raptor) or, I think, Frenzy Totem and the additional Wolf. So which of those choices most complements a Bleed/Poison hybrid pet build? Raptor looks like the winner to my noobish eye.
Thanks again.

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