BLOCKING! Lots of areas need a walkthru for blocking issues like



If I remember correctly, the blending of visual blocking stuff is hand made and not automated.

So it would be helpful to post this kind if stuff in the bug report section, with a brief description where exactly you encountered this issue (your screenshot might already contain enough info to find this spot).

I’d don’t know why it’s not possible to have automated mechanics in place to handle this. Wolcen makes the outlines of your character visible through objects.

Solasta has a very cool looking feature that creates some kind of bubble around your characters.

I tried to find something that shows this: Watch from 32:32 to 32:55 to see what I mean.


Sounds like what Fallout 1 & 2 did back in the late 90s.

i’ve found 5 so far that forground objects need culling but I found a PERFECT example of where somebody DID find and fix, we just need a few issues addressed in the others, I’ll SS ones I find, it’s not hard

This sounds a bit odd, I don’t see how it can be problematic to to create a camera that goes from the your current viewpoint to the character and see if it hits component that isn’t either the ground or yourself and if it does make everything along the way that isn’t a mob/effect transparent.

You and I don’t see. The devs see. And their opinion is more relevant. :wink:

I think there may be a bit of a miscommunication here, any kind of standard game engine should support this easily especially Unity which means there either there must be something fishy going or its simply lower on their priority list.

I know it should be technically feasible, but it depends on how they have set up the pick radius for example. Or it is a matter of priority, as you said. Maybe.

Found another one, it’s designed to cull the post but it’s not super effective, right before boss so yeah you need to seee :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s two more


Moving from #feedback-and-suggestions to #bug-reports.

Thanks for the reports! Most of these have been fixed internally and we’re tracking the ones that are still issues.

no prob, if I find a real annoying one like last I’ll SS and upload

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