Block chance, Block effectiveness, Block mitigation

Were block mechanics changed in this patch?

Didn’t see anything in the patch notes. Only played my Bladedancer since it just dropped this morning. Why?

Well, the way I understood block was you had two numbers to wrap your head around.

Block chance (chance to block)

Block effectiveness. (how much you blocked, if you managed to block… with a bit of math thrown in to accommodate area level).

Now there appears to be a third value “mitigation”.

So now we have “Block chance”
“Block effectiveness”
“Block mitigation”

So, going by the tool tip…

I have a “29% Block chance”
576 “Block effectiveness”
36% “Block mitigation”

What does this mean?

The three have always been present.

Block chance is block chance
Block effectiveness is a value that is combined with other values and math is done.
Block mitigation is the %damage mitigated or reduced.
of course, higher effectiveness, more damage mitigated.


Thanks fatchick.

So i have a 29% chance to block 39% damage?

In that “other” Arpg Blocking is defined as:

“Blocking a hit prevents all damage and harmful on hit effects such as status ailments The attack must be a hit in order to be blocked”

That makes the slab the only real shield in this game :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess it’s time to find a 4 LP one then. :crazy_face:

Mitigation is like armor, its what the “value” of block effect comes out to.

They show both, a formula with block effect spits out the mitigation. the mitigation is showed for ease of reading sake so you dont have to do any math.

More block effect more mitigation.

Armor works the same, more armor = less damage taken, but each point of armor is not equal, just like iirc each point of block effect. Diminishing returns etc. So they need to show both values.

Block is just like armor.

Armor is just like block.

Makes perfect sense to me.

GD/TQ treated block the same way.

I think you mean Bastion of Honour.

Yeah, but you know LE does quite a few things differently.

Bastion of Honour is just a very rare, melee range, Glancing Blow.

The Slab is the only shield that blocks 100% of damage when it blocks, which was his point.

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Slab doesn’t prevent ailments btw.

Block in PoE is basically the same as dodge which is weird. In GD, block and dodge aren’t primary defensive mechanics that you invest in (more like additional on a few builds). LE does it pretty good IMO where shield is an actual choice for most classes though there is a serious lack of shield support on classes other than sentinel.

I know, but it also has a very low block chance (55%-52% less). I guess I’d just rather have a higher chance of a thing happening than a better thing much less frequently.

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