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I am after the Grand Depths of Infinity in Black Sun mono.
I have run it a couple of times but sofar only have upgrades on the dodge rating blessing.
How dose it works exactly? Run them over and over until it pops?

Just keep running them over and over

Each time you defeat the boss you are presented with 3 blessings from a larger pool of blessing options. These 3 are random, and different bosses have different pools of options.

These 3 blessings you are presented with each rolled randomly between 1-100% power roll

100% power means you have the higher numeric value for that blessing and cant get higher.

Empowered timelines come with more powerful blessings.

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Thanks :+1:

I found this page to be pretty helpful in mapping out the ideal blessings and learning their roll ranges for my build(s)

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There’s also this page, which has the blessings in a more easily usable format:

For that specific blessing, you have a 2 in 10 chance of getting it each time.

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