Blessings QOL improvements

After 350h of gameplay over the past years I find rerolling a blessing a bit frustrating. My suggestion would be to have the option to chose from a past discovered blessing after I fight the Boss again ofc. The rolls of the blessing would be random, but I can at least chose that blessing and if I don’t like the roll, I’ll try again. The blessing would be guaranteed as an option, but I would now farm for better rolls. P.S - Amazing job on the game.

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You already can, and you don’t even need to fight the boss again. That was one of the changes in 1.0. Just go to inventory, click blessings and you can switch freely between discovered ones.

EDIT: Just checked and you can’t yet. I was almost sure this was something planned for 1.0. But anyway, Mike has said they are going to let you do that. Guess we need to wait until they implement it.

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On one side i wanna say yes. Its little bit boring to go again all stability and three quests for blessing with boss fight. But at second side i dont know how much its harder and more rewarding for players with high corrupitons. This would break a fun later. (If you mean discover new blessings only )

The only thing that would change is the fact that you don’t risk doing the whole stability farm + Boss and find out that the blessing you want and most importantly, you already discovered or equipped, is not in the 5 choices. You have to start again and risk having the same result. All that because I wanna swap to a blessing I already had, but swapped it and now I want it back. Having 200+ corruption as a requirement to engage this mechanic is also acceptable. Having this mechanic only apply to the blessing you actually equipped in the past is also very acceptable. Just not 100% randomness. Please :slight_smile:

Once you discover that blessing u can swap it in inventory. I dont see why you will be able to skip that process to discover new one wich is like reward of each step of stability,echoe quest etc.

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