Blessings Mechanics

Hi there LE playes and Devs (if any of u reads this) i would like to start by saying this game looks awesome and i cant wait to see what’s in store in the time comming,i started like 2 days ago and i feel like im addicted allready im currently level 89 on a paladin and is awesome but i found a “small wall” to say it like that the Blessing sistem is a bit…mehh is time consuming to farm empowered just to change a blessing so what am i sugesting is letting us keep the Blessing that we allredi picked and to be able to change it at will with another that we picked from same lvl (for a fee or w/e) for example u want to min/max u’re idols,there are 3xincrease idols drop blessing i find it a bit tooo much to do monolith again and again just to change the blessing.Let us keep what we have picked so faar and just swap them at will will…P.S if u want them max roll than u should farm them untill u get max roll.THX and im looking forward for some replies