Blessings frozen

I played for the last 30+ hours, corruption 160+ and blessing not unlocking for void shred, also other blessings not gaining %. What could be the problem?

Should I re-install the game?

No, its just rng as to which blessings you get. If you do the boss at 200 corruption then you get an additional slot which increases the chance that you’ll get the one you want.

The blessings only “gain %” when you select one with a higher % from the boss kill blessing options.

OK, Ill upgrade all to 200 corruption and check if it works, than you

300+ corruption and could upgrade blessings and some gear, improvements not massive, but improvements non the less. Rare % means little, RNG has a greater impact and I expected a correlation between the Rare% and RNG. Hopefully in the future this may be the case.

Yeah. Min maxing blessings is sometimes very frustrating - but its not essential to the game - more like a bonus.

I have personally done certain blessings 20,30 even 50 times over to get that almost perfect blessing AND a good roll at the same time. Generally tho, after levelling many chars now, its not that hard to get an Ok blessing roll.

I find it sometimes harder just to get that one blessing you really need for a build to shine.