Blessings and Acquisition

Hello everyone,

I’ve been playing LE since 0.9.2, so not that long ago, I don’t consider myself a veteran or anything but theres a single thing, aside of the bugs, that bothers me a lot.

I come from playing PoE, so that’s my background on ARPGS. Now straight to the point, blessings. The time it gets to set up your character with the RNG of blessings is absolutely mindblowing, especially if you like rolling different masteries to try new stuff. Currently im level 96 on my warlock and just finished grinding 2 of the blessings recquired for my build (still mising on 3 of them) and I just can’t be bothered anymore with it. I’ve heard people say “Oh you don’t need them, just go and push and play the game, you’re overreacting” but in my eyes thats not the case. Blessings are really powerful and build defining, in the sense that it gives you the shred type, avoidance, armor or resistances that your builds needs and can’t get from anywhere else in some cases.

A possible solution that comes to mind is getting all blessings offered the first time you do an empowered monolith, and the more you farm them better rolls they get as a guaranteed, ofcorse you could get lucky and get a maxrolled one in your first try. But at this point, i see it no more fun than doing a chore so my character build can fill the gaps and I can comfortably start pushing corruption.

If the devs say its their view and they don’t intend on changing it or that the playerbase enjoys it as it is, perfect I understand, but I don’t find this grind any more fun than having to do laundry or ironing my clothes before work. There must be people that feel the same way, especially the ones that like playing multiple masteries.

That would be all, kind regards.

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