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Blessing vs Exclusive Echo Rewards

hello !

i got a specific question here since i dont know how exactly those exclusive echo rewards work once you hit empowered timelines.
so i am trying to farm a specific 2h sword unique, the thing is i could either farm “blood,frost and death” timeline with increased 2h sword droprate blessing or reign of dragons timeline with those exclusive echo rewards which are unique/set melee weapons

does anyone know whats the smartes way to go about this? does blessing droprate also technically increase unique droprate/chance ?

or are both options worse than going for the flat unique droprate blessing?

thanks in advance <3

Hello there,
bonuses from blessings applies to whole game, not just concrete timeline, so increased unique drop, 2h sword drop, etc.

Exclusive echo rewards works in normal timelines too, they are just less often than in empowered timelines.

So this steps will increase your chance to get what you want in Mono:
#1 - get unique increased drop blessing (works for all drops)
#2 - 2 hand sword increased drop blessing (works for all drops) - only works for normal / magic / rare / exalted
#3 - farm Reign of dragons which has the melee weapon uniques / sets reward nodes (works only for those echo nodes)

OR if its low level item, get both blessings and find area level with boss in campaign which is close to level required for that item, kill that boss, teleport out and in and kill it again, again…

This way i farmed Exsanguinous body armor, its level 23, so first chapter final boss is area level 23, it means no items above level 23 can drop, so this way you lower item drop pool.

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oh boi that just changed everything, very valuable info, thank you friend and best of luck to you <3

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No problem, good luck hunting!

Bolded is incorrect in this context.

2-Handed Sword drop rate would not affect the amount of 2-Handed Unique swords you get, only normal, magic, rare and exalted items.

The increased Unique drop rate would definitely increase the chances of getting uniques in general, so as long as the desired unique is a random drop and not a boss specific drop it would help.

The new base type specific unique/set rewards are definitely the best way to farm a specific unique by a landslide.

Getting the increased unique drop rate blessing certainly would help you increasing your chances getting it as a random drop, but I think it’s not really mandatory.
The MoF Specific Unique/Set rewards are just so powerful on their own.

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Ohh, didnt know that, thanks for info!!!