Blessing System from Bosses

So first to say, I do like blessings they are not some mediocre bonuses, but are quite impactful, can fully clear a single resist stat if (perfect) roll, are rewarding for certain bosses in the monolith, and are build defining for many builds. I think the grind to get a better roll on blessing is positive.

The problem however is, once you try to switch builds it becomes a literal hell - nightmare, I had to kill a boss 15 times till the right blessing for my new build dropped, and then 10 more, so it had a decent roll.

Now when I imagine trying out a new/different build, it literally is the main thing stopping me. Not gear, Blessings. I am cba to grind another 200 boss fights to switch blessings, just to realize I want to go back, and require even more to roll back.

This system needs a tuning/fix. Either make blessings you have seen unlock permanently but in base variant, or make blessings max level attained be recorded in the tree and selected. Any how you should be able to switch between blessings without a need to repeat 100 boss fights, or 1000 echo nodes.


I wish there was a choice to keep the blessing you had but to increase the value of it by wahtever seems fit ammount. So you could at least work with a bad rolled blessing you would take instead of not beeing able to do anything while you put your time and effort in already.


Does anyone know if there is a certain amount of corruption you must have to roll a perfect Blessing? Or is it all RNG, and the amount of corruption doesn’t matter what you get for a roll? This system definitely needs some tuning.

sounds like rng, I would not expect a perfect roll on any blessing, but if you get like 90% percentile it is good enough, like 73-74% resist you should just accept it and move on

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Really good ideas here. I also don’t understand where it asks me to take the 4% experience blessing when I have the 6% experience blessing for example… or the fuck the blessing window pops up while I am still standing on damaging ground effects from the boss. Permanently unlocking the highest blessing and being able to switch at all time would make this system sooooooooo goooooood.

Another thing is that it doesn’t show all available blessings unless you have encountered them. This makes no sense as this information is available on external websites. So instead of exploring in game I am browsing on the internet…