Blessing Incremental Improvement Idea

I’d love to see a system to help improve your blessing roll over time. My first thought is that if you choose to keep the same blessing after completing a timeline, it should improve your roll.

I would expect it to take maybe 1 to 6 additional runs to max out the blessing depending on what your initial roll is. There are lots of ways to do the math, but one way that seems to work out well with both low and high starting rolls is to add 10% to the roll and then multiply the result by 1.1.

For example, let’s say I have a 30% roll on a blessing, and I choose to keep that blessing after running the timeline again. Now I get a 44% roll [(.3 + .1) * 1.1], next time, 59.4%, and it takes 5 runs to max it out.

Thanks for a great game!

Interesting idea, but could result in too much power relatively easily if you’re guaranteed to improve your blessing at each run. I would do it otherwise:
When you already have a blessing, the chance to get it again is a bit lower, but if you get it you have a guaranteed higher roll. Maybe 0.1%, maybe 10%, it would be RNG.

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