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Blessing Guide?

Looking around the forums briefly and online I did not see anywhere that listed which bosses give what blessings. I could have easily missed it. Does anyone know where I can find such a guide so I can go back and try to get the blessings I want from each boss?

Tunklabs is a really good ressource for such things.

Monolith Timelines (

There you can click on each timeline and see their pool of blessings.

You also can see the 3 current blessings that give character power in the Gear Planner

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Thanks @Heavy!

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Dammit’s site also has them:

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Thanks @Llama8!

I just prefer tunks overview, since you cannot filter them easily on lastepochtools.

And it’s Dammitt :smiley:

Are these blessings weighted?

Ive farmed the Emp of Corpses about 9 times now on my Bleed Warpath Paladin, looking for the Bleed % and not seen it, I dont think ive ever seen it

Tunklabs says theres 3x Blessing for ‘slot 1’ and 10x ‘slot 2’ ive had the Necrotic roll come up twice at 56% both times and the poison/stun. I usually use LEtools and theres nothing to suggest theres tiers or weightings, or im just unlucky of course

If Tunk’s site is correct (& I have no reason to believe that it’s not), then you’d have a 2 in 10 chance of getting the bleed blessing appear each time you kill the boss. So assuming there’s no weightings then yes, you’re unlucky (1-0.2)^9 = 13.4% chance to not see a specific blessing from group 2 in 9 attempts.

@Heavy, yeah, Tunks is easier to use, Dammittt’s is a bit more list-y. :wink: