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Blessing farming

Ok this has to be the most grindy thing in this game for me. I have tried 11 times to get physical resistance blessing and 5 times to get the Void Resistance blessing to no avail. That is 16 times I have ran monolith’s, not to mention the 4 times I had to run them just to get them to empowered. Seems a bit much to me, should be able to just choose between all of them offered at that monolith. If I want to change it yes run it again I understand that. RNG on blessing is very tedious.

Yes I am pushing corruption on these timelines to no avail both are in the mid 250 corruption. Anyone got a better solution to do this?


There is no solution to bad luck, sadly.

Yeah, getting the right blessing can be a pain.

Personally, I think allowing you to choose ANY of the possible blessings every run would be a bit too simplistic, but I DO believe that you should be able to choose from any of the ones you’ve discovered. Not sure if the values of the blessings you don’t choose are saved anywhere though.

At 200 corruption, you get 5 rolls each run, right?

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I feel your pain OP. I farmed the Black Sun at over 200 corruption about 13 times to get leeched spell damage. For 12 times it was literally the only available blessing that was still “undiscovered” and every time I was convinced it would “pop”.

This is why I hate RNG, because I know RNG hates me back.

Blessings… I understand why the system is the way it is, but I’m not the biggest fan of it especially having to farm them again every time I make a new Alt. I wouldn’t want it as easy as just picking one from all available, but a little easing of the current system would be nice after your first character :slight_smile:

I think they should just let you choose from all of them. You still got to deal with the rng of the roll but least you get the blessing you are looking for or want to try out instead of doing the same monolith over and over. There is already more than enough rng to deal with in Last Epoch. Not to mention you have to repeat the same boring process on each and every character.


Please help me, I’ve been navigating this site for an hour now trying to work out how to post a question and there is nowhere where it tells me how!. I am stuck in a bug and don’t know what to do, trying to report it on here but can’t work out how to ask the question. Very sorry to hijack this thread.

When you arrive on the site, up right you have a “New Topic” button.

They really shouldn’t let me out, I’ve trawled all over site and not found it. Have now I can see it. Cheers for massive help.

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We need mechanics that allow us to seal blessings in an object.
I’ve already skipped about 5 blessings (100/100), just because I don’t need them on this character.I would love to give them to another character, or sell them.

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Yes, sealing blessings would be a good option to reduce all this crappy RNG nonsense.

If you’re running at 200+ corruption, then being able to seal one unwanted blessing per attempt would at least gradually increase your chances to farm the one you want and make it a ton more deterministic.

All this reliance of RNG needs to stop. It’s completely lazy and unnecessary. It’s really not difficult to cut it out. This simple suggestion of reducing the available pool by one each attempt reduces RNG to a level where you at least KNOW for absolute certain that even with the worst lcuk you will eventually whittle down the remaining blessings to 5, and then you have 100% chance of getting it with the next fight.

Yeah, I usually focus on pushing to 200 corruption while I farm for the blessing, it averages on 2 to 4 runs to get the one you want, but RNG can be really nasty here.

Some little QoL here would be nice, like: the blessings shown on the previous run should not appear, unless you have it already chosen.