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Blessing drop suggestion

Just throwing it out there for target monolith blessing farming. There are 5 monoliths with strong offensive and defensive options, while the other 5 are for drop rates. I don’t believe that many people will be farming those 5 for the drop rates. I suggest mixing them all up so that there is a reason to do all 10 monoliths that are out there. Cheers and you are doing an amazing job on the game. Looking forward to what you all come up with next.

Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

Your guess about few people farming the drop rate mono is probably true… There are a few similar suggestions around improving the whole Blessing system - everything from randomising blessings across monos to allowing you to swap blessings like gear once you have farmed it, to making newly aquired blessings always have a better roll than a previous one, to making the chance of getting a blessing you have never found before higher as you play…

Lots of suggestions really and it seems like players have ideas that are diametrically opposed to each other… So, its all up to the devs - if or how they might improve it…

Players may not farm the left path for Blessings, but they farm it for the remards.
We have targeted farming for Uniques now. For example, if you want a Staff, you must farm the Stolen Lance. That gives a good reason do go this line.

And personaly, I’m opposed to mixing combat and drop buffs. I like to know what I’m aiming for, I like to have a “leveling” path and a farming path.

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If you could get combat-blessings everywhere EHG can take out the drop-blessings as well. :grinning:

How about getting some of both per monolith?
→ So one combat- and one drop-blessing per monolith?