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Bleedy Totems Build

Thorn totem and storm totem applying bleeds at super long range. Not tested at endgame, but is a fun, cheap way to make use of cool minion bleed idols you find.

Thorn totem - Main skill. Cast well ahead of you and they will cast homing missiles further forward. These have high cast speed, fast projectiles, and up to 6 of them with usually 3 or 4 projectiles hitting, multiplied by 170% ‘chance to bleed’ this won’t oneshot anything, but stacks damage fast. Great for smooth progress through echoes and easy to keep damage output while trying to kite ridiculous boss mechanics.
Storm totem - second main skill. Cast ahead of you for more AOE fast casting bleed application. Also shocks, slows and grants you speed + lightning resistance (for mana regen if using urzil’s pride armour)
Storm crow - Good for defence - heals you to full after a big hit, and gives totems a bit of extra lightning damage
Spriggan - for super minion healing, crit avoidance, turns your attunement into dodge, and gives a bit of flat spell damage to totems
Warcry - There are just a lot of boss mechanics that are fun to interrupt. A good panic button.

Passives - Go for totem cast speed, attunement, minion damage, minion health, mana regen and any defences you can.

Gear - Attunement, minion damage and defences of your choice. Should be able to get decent dodge ratings, easy armour and maxed resists.

Defences - Easy to scale a variety of defence. Lots of armour from the passives, high dodge, crit avoidance, fast move speed. It’s not noticable, but I assume the stuns, slows, chills do something for survivability.

I did a DOT totem build one year ago (before Majasa patch), as Shaman as well. It was a mixed bag, as i scaled any dot chance i could get be it bleed or poison and frostbite chance with storm totem as well. I just wanted as many dots on enemies as possible.

Thorn totems for medium dot damage and storm totem for tanky enemies, going the frost bite path.

Damage was okay back then but i was only lvl 77 in normal monoliths, so i cant give any confirmation if its corrupted lvl 100 timelines ready.

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