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Bleed vs poison [rogue]

which DOT is better for rogue Bladedancer? in LEplaner much items don’t have one of this stat and have another. simple example with rings(no one ring has bleed prefix, but have poison)
and next example - helmets(there is no helmets which boost poison dmg but exist set helmet which have huge boost for bleed dmg)

so IDK which DOT I should choose for my future build. can someone advise which dot is better?

Sry for my English if its bad :wink:

there is my try to make build, but I still can’t choose which Dot should I boost(in link more bleed then poison, if u cant find dot stats - go to “other” in character stats window) and as you see there still not all idols and not best items which should be, no resistances and defenses afixes. just testing

Bladedancer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3) - Last Epoch Build Planner

looking for advises. then I would complete gear items, idols, and choose skills(which would be better for one of this DOTs)

Poison in general is better as it has an uncapped poison resist shred mechanic baked into it. But you can get a lot of both poison chance & bleed chance for Rogue, so they’re both good.

I have actually no idea, since I have not played Rogue class yet in this game. But I have played Rogue-like classes in other games, and when it comes to what I would personally choose to go for in this game with if I were playing a Rogue, I would just go for both Poison & Bleeding, and stack it like crazy. Each and every itty bitty point that could give me stacks of both that I would go for. No doubt about it.

I’m actually looking at a bleed shuriken build myself.

Bladedancer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3d) - Last Epoch Build Planner (

The link is mainly for the passives and skills. I’m still trying to determine how to best build the bleed mechanics. The build planner seems to indicate that bleed effectiveness impacts the overall bleed damage. In the same category of “bleed damage” any + to physical damage also seems to apply. And then there’s the bleed chance which provides you with the stacks of bleed damage.

So I guess just focusing on (throw)physical, bleed effectiveness, bleed chance, damage over time and critical strike multiplier (if you have stw gloves) is the main damage sources. For your build I believe the same should be true even though you are using different gear and skills.

I am sure I am missing something when it comes to the mechanics, though.