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Bleed Shurikens

How exactly bleed works on shurikens?? I was working on Charkram bleed shuriken but i felt that wasnt enough Bleed dmg so im going for ricochet normal shurikens, so lets say i have 100% bleed chance and i can send 6 shurikens in each attack, every shuriken has 100% bleed proc or the 100% bleed chance is divided by the 6 shurikens?? Also multiple shurikens can damage the same target??

bleed chance goes over 100%. you get a chance at 2 stacks over 100%, a chance at 3 stacks over 200%, etc, so stacking ailment chance is one of the primary ways to scale your damage as an ailment build.

the shurikens behave differently based on which skill nodes you select, regarding whether they can all hit the same target. normally i don’t think they can, but if you take the node that throws them in a line or the blade shield node that makes them rotate along with 100% pierce chance, they will.

generally speaking, imo chakram is better for hit-based damage scaling, and blade shield is better for ailment damage scaling. on my poison shuriken character i have roughly 1000% poison chance, so 10 stacks applied per hit, and i can have 12 shurikens surrounding me most of the time (7 from the skill tree, plus the 5 that are thrown when i use shift)… basically that means that i can apply 120 stacks of poison in a split second.

I swaped to Shield Blade without pierce (just spamming) and its feels lot better, but does throwing damage still increases their dmg?? And also there is a node on rogue skill tree Lethal Cadence and Disembowel which increases damage and bleed chance at every 3rd hit so since Shield Blade hits 1 time per shuriken i assume each shuriken count as 1 hit so with 6 shurikens i will proc those nodes twice am i right??

generally you either scale the hit (which requires flat damage on rings or amulet), or you scale the ailment. hit damage has no bearing on ailment damage. all of these mechanics are explained in detail in the guide in game (G by default).

lethal cadence and disembowel count your uses of the skill, not just the hits. so each 3rd time you press the button, you get the bonus.

eventually you will want 100% pierce chance, because if the shurikens don’t pierce, they disappear as soon as they hit something (including things in the environment). having the pierce chance makes clearing feel a lot smoother.

you can make shuriken free to use by using the mana cost reduction node in the skill tree (3 points) and 2 ring affixes (throwing damage + -mana cost for throwing attacks. t1 affix is fine since you just want the mana cost part and that doesn’t scale.)

Even with the pierce i just keep spamming since the duration is so small and i dont feel much difference and im still experimenting with some nodes but how do u manage 12 shurikens i have both nodes giving and gloves giving 2 shurikeans each to a total of 9 shurikens, i actually cant even count if there is rly 9 since they rotate so fast

with the gloves you can get up to 14 out at once. it works like this: throw shuriken, then use shift (with 5 points in the node that throws shuriken when you shift). i haven’t played the build for a while so it may have changed, but when i was playing it, if you used shift first, throwing shurikens would replace the ones from shift. i verified that all 12 (or 14) stack by taking a screenshot with them all in play.

doing the combo is something you really only need for bosses since everything else dies very quickly. even without the combo bosses go down pretty fast.

the bleed variation is not quite as strong, because of the way poison shreds poison resistance. you can make it work but the ceiling is higher with poison.

Oh i actually didnt know, thx a lot for ur help

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