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Bleed Channeled Flurry Blade Dancer, 9 Attacks Per Second = 9 Times The Fun

YT Build Guide : Bleed Channeled Flurry Blade Dancer, 9 Attacks Per Second = 9 Times The Fun | Last Epoch Build Guide - YouTube

Build Planner : Bladedancer, Level 86 (LE Beta 0.8.2i) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Loot Filter : Bleed Channeled Flurry -

Written Guide

Hello, this is Dr3ad from Epoch Builds, in this video we will be going over my Bleed Flurry Blade Dancer, a build that may not be as flashy as your stereotypical Shadow Cascade build, but is definitely an original way of playing the class.
Before we continue on with the video, I would like to promote my Twitch stream here. I stream at , and if you want to catch me live for build help or want to see the build creation process behind the scenes, I would heavily suggest going there!

This build is built around Channeled Melee Flurry, which we utilize the node, Boundless Blows, which removes the delay between the last strike and the first strike on regular flurry, increasing our attacks per second dramatically.
We then grab Shockwave, a node that only melee Flurry can use, that gives us a wave of energy that will apply all of our bleeds in a line, which allows Flurry to be used as a clear skill. Sadly I wish this wave could get a tad bit wider, but it does the job.
We then grab Lethal Vector and Reopened Wounds for a hefty chunk of more damage with ailments, making our bleeds do even more damage.
Our last few points we take Adreneline Rush, giving us a stacking buff of more damage and attack speed.

So the next skill we use, Puncture, is a new tech I decided to use this time around. Before we would just run something like Shadow Cascade to proc from Shift, to give us a 200%+ physical damage boost, but this time I wanted to try messing with Puncture.
The main reason we use Puncture is for Blood Thirst, which grants us the stacking buff, Bleeding Fury. This buff adds up to 300% bleed chance in the end, making our Flurry do a lot of single target. This buff stacks up to 6 times, and will refresh all 6 stacks once we hit an enemy with it, making it very easy to keep it up during difficult boss fights like Orobyss.
We also grab Press the Attack, which will grant us Frenzy, giving us a 20% increased attack speed boost for 2 seconds, which makes our channeled flurry attack even faster.
For the last important node, we grab Efficacious Toxin, which makes the enemy take 10% increased damage from damage over time effects, perfect for bossing.

For Shurikens, we take the combo of Blade Shield and Abrasive Arsenal, while proc’ing it with Shift, giving us a nice amount of physical resistance shred, letting our bleeds do even more damage.
For the other skills, I will be leaving a Build Planner in the description, as Shift and Smoke Bomb are your usual support setups, and have not really changed enough to note.

On the passive tree, Blood Serpent’s Blades is definitely one of the more important nodes, as giving us 100% bleed chance since we are running 2 swords, which is very important because Flurry, as a cost to attack 3 times per second as a base, has a 40% reduced chance to cause ailments on hit, making stacking ailment chance a very important aspect of the build.
The next node of importance is Weapons of Choice. This is the entire reason we go dual wield swords instead of some other combo of weaponry. Having that flat 40% chance for Glancing Blows, which is a chance to reduce oncoming hits by 35%, makes us a lot tankier than we normally would be.
Death’s Door allows us to tank even harder, combined with our endurance, which gives us an insane amount of effective health for free.
Spell Breaker is a new node introduced with this latest patch, giving us free Frailty chance, allowing us to take another 18% less damage from enemies, and all of this damage reduction adds up to being a chonky character, even with 1.5k hp.

For uniques that would go well with this build, a pair of Wing Guards are best in slot. Giving us 40% increased attack speed, along with a 200 flat dodge which goes amazingly with all of our % dodge increases, on top of being on a base that gives us endurance %, this item is definitely a good item to have with the build, but not completely mandatory.
For another important item for the build, a new base type added with this patch, nagasa scimitars, have an implicit 60% increased damage over time, and since we have so much attack speed from tree and gearing, we can actually go with 2 damage rolls on our prefixes, and when dual wielding the perfect setup, we can get up to 520% increased damage, just from our weapon slots. For our suffixes, since we get so much bleed chance from everywhere else, we can use the overpowered suffix affix dodge % on swords, and then use Health on Melee Hit. Health on Melee Hit is an insanely strong affix for this build, thanks to the fact we are attacking 9 times per second, making our sustain insane against most enemies.

For other items we just want to focus on
⦁ Capping Resistance
⦁ Bleed Chance
⦁ Damage over Time / Physical Damage
⦁ Dodge % and Flat
⦁ Hybrid and Increased HP %
⦁ Critical Strike Avoidance

For idol slots, we run 4 Chance to Bleed Per Equipped Swords, along with Damage while wielding a sword, giving us an insane amount of damage.

Thank you all for watching, if you have not already, I’d heavily suggest joining the Discord, as thats the best way of knowing when my next video or my next stream is out. This has been Dr3ad, from Epoch Builds, have a wonderful rest of your day wherever you are!

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