Blademaster node question

the blademaster node +5 gives 30% attk speed to swords and axes but it doesnt stack?
if you dual sword you only get 30%, but if you dual axe/sword you get 60%
i hope thats a bug or something cuz that sucks, kinda force you to dual axe/sword that 30% attk speed does so much more dps

no dual sword looking good? really?

I usually never use dual wield and rarely play sentinel, but i just tested this.

It seems that both the axe and the sword give you 30% attack speed.

I would assume this is not intended and the node should only give you attack speed if you at least wield one sword or axe.

Not sure what some Veteran Sentinel players think about this.
Getting 2x 30% AS from a single passive node is simply to strong, regardless if it’s conditional or not.

Summon @Llama8

They do both give the attack speed bonus. Given the wording (Sword attack speed & Axe attack speed on separate lines) I’d assume they were intended to be both applicable. If they weren’t then it’d say “XXX attack/cast speed if you have a sword or axe equipped”, or something along those lines.

It is very strong, possibly too strong, but it is up quite high & the passive tree.

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