Blademaster Flow is unclear, confusing and possibly buggy

Several problems with the “Flow” tree of passives:

  1. “Unique skill” is not well specified, does it mean a different skill every time? See 2)
  2. Dancing Strikes/ builds up stacks of Flow, each unique animation of dancing strikes can add a stack
  3. The Pulse passive further down the tree increases Flow to trigger from 4 stacks to 5 stacks, but Dancing Strikes only has 4 unique animations which means constantly using Dancing Strikes stops triggering flow unless you mix another skill in the middle of the Dancing Strikes 4-strike chain

So I am left wondering if this interaction with Flow and unique animation skills is intentional and if it is this whole thing is very confusing.

I think the Flow mechanic needs a redesign, I suggest:

  1. alternating skills generate 2 flow stacks, drop the “unique skill” thing
  2. require more stacks to trigger the final attack

Also given that you might want to use a different skill for the final attack some UI work to make it clearer when you are about to burst flow. Some golden border on the skill if that skill would trigger flow or something

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