Bladedancer Bleed Corsair Set Build


I’ve been following Mistia42’s Bleed Umbral Blade Corsait Set build.
It’s been a really nice build all the way, I finally aquired the last missing gear piece, “Salt the Wound” yesterday, and decided to go try Temporal Sanctum and Soulfire Bastion.

But I died in T3 in both dungeons, and I sure wasn’t able to facetank Julra, as the build suggests.

Anyway I have uploaded my build, and if any kind soul with knowlegde on this build would take a look, and tell me what I need, I would appreciate that! :slight_smile:

Is it just me or is this very little hp?

Well, you sacrifice a lot of hp because of the build’s required set items and uniques.

Yeah but 2k seems realy low to me. Should’nt you sit at arround 2.5k ish? I think a HP buffer would work wonders here.

Yeah around that, but I still need to find some gear with more health on, but at the same time with the right survivability stuff, as well as some DPS :slight_smile: - Hard to balance it

Also, if you look at Mistia42’s own char planner, he/she only has 2.3k health, and is facetanking T4 Julra, and I’m at 2.1k now.

It was just the most obvious thing I’ve seen :D.

I compared and mistia following things higher vs your current build:

HP is ~ 400 higher
Void resistance is capped
Crit avoidance is almost capped (91%)
Phys resistance was almost capped


Here’s an update on my build, but still I can’t do it. And not that far from Mistia’s I guess?

What exactly can’t be done? You are still talking about dungeon bosses?

Especially the dungeon bosses require a lot of skill and knowledge of mechanics.
The build is only one part of the puzzle.

Do you understand all the mechanics of the dungeon boss?
What specific abilities are you having trouble with?

Hi Heavy

I’m sure the biggest problem is on me, and my lack of knowledge of the bosses.
Although I did kinda hope I would have been able to “facetank” T4 Julra as the original build suggests. But I feel kinda far from it :slight_smile:

I really hate self-promotion that is why I was hesitent to reply here in the first place.

And I also don’t want to take away from the discussion to give you tips on how to improve the build.

But if you want you could check out my guide for Julra. (Last Epoch - Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Boss Guide (In-Depth Mechanic Explanation) - YouTube)

I haven’t done a guide on Soulfire Bastion sadly, but I am sure we can figure that out as well, if you give me more details what mechancis you are having issues with.

I can’t really contribute to the OP, because Rogue is my least expertise class and Ailments my least palyed playstyle :smiley:

But if you have any question specifically for the dungeon boss fights, just fire away.

Hi Heavy

Thanks! I’ll definately ask you if I actually knew which one of the three mechanics she did that killed me, lol. Problem is, the only movement I did was to avoid her first big AoE attack, and then stand in the gab between that rotating void thingy. Then I really just tried facetanking her, and do my dps routine. Apparently, that wasn’t good enough. But since I was following a build that had “facetank T4 Julra” in it, I just assumed that’s how you did it lol.

Hm, ok.

I can’t say anything about the advertised build and I don’t wanna say its impossible.

But all the dungeon bosses are definitely the hardest content in the game, especially on T4 and are generally not that easily face tankable.

My assumption would be that the big Cone or the Void-Line telegraph killed you.
Both of these resistances were the lowest in your initial build that you posted.

My tip would be just slap a belt on with void and cold resistance or replace some idols, so that you have closer to cap void and cold resistance.

Both of these mechanics are pretty deadly, but if you can facetank them you can recover from their hit pretty fast, since the boss doesn’t attack in quick succession.

Yeah, I did realise that my lowest resistances are exactly what she uses, so I guess I need to get some more against her.