Blade Shield node for Shuriken

The tooltip for this node in the Shurikens specialization skill tree states that it stacks, but by putting a point into Bladed Armor (+10% armor per orbiting shuriken per point) and watching my armor value (as well as the visuals in-game), recasting Shuriken simply replaces all existing ones with a new set instead of stacking. This is true even if you take the Sleight of Hand node for Shift (throw Shuriken after you dash), they will replace your self-cast shuriken and vice-versa.

Also Shuriken can hit same enemy only once even if projectile is still spinning.(twice for Chakram)
I don’t know whether this is intended or not.

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Do you mean if make the shurikens piercing? Because that would be upsetting, as piercing blade shield shurikens was the entire build idea I had for my rogue.

Yes i made 100% piercing chance.
The projectile can hit multiple enemy but sadly can only hit same enemy once.
(Chakram can hit same enemy twice.)

Noted this as well. Hopefully it’s a bug and not “as intended.”

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