Blade dancer ws marksman

Hi i have tried both classes and it feels like blade dancer do so muhc more dmg then marksman. am i doing somthing wrong whit my build for marksman or is bladedancers kit just better.

As a marksman i dont have the same dmg or tankiness as bladedancer and blade dancer just feels better overall whit its kit and almost every thing has a synergie whit shadow cascade.

right now im playing whit hailk of arrow and using the uniqe poison bow that converts all of hails dmg to poison and has alot of shred on bow atacks and i still do less dmg then my blade dancer

I havent tried bladedancer yet but i played marksmen with flurry proccing multi basicly naked apart from 2 low level uniques and t8-t12 crafted bows from 1 to 70.

At level 20-25 (mastery) was the only time i didnt basicly kill whole screens in 3 seconds with arrows filling the whole screen.

It felt very fluent all the time the second i got my mastery.

Yesterday i reached lvl 70 and started crafting gear… i feel sorry for the poor monsters allready.

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Hi, I agree with Hybria, absolutely no problem with Marksman and I am using a cinderstrike multi version… just started MoF and I am level 54 and having no problem.

You should put up your build details / gear (screenshots)… Its likely that you have missed something that is preventing your marksman from working properly. I have struggled before with builds I thought were perfect but I missed or confused a particular stat.

ok thx for the help will try new things

Honestly I think Bladedancer should do more damage than Marksman, it’s melee vs ranged after all.

That’s not true at all. Marksman has insane potential at the moment, but you have to figure out how to build it right. I haven’t played blade dancer yet and I know that is already quite strong, but marksman can also be exceptionally strong if you build it right.

My marksman crit hail of arrows build is currently doing ~200k crits on the dummy, and I’ve played it to 286 waves in the arena so far. I’m actually considering making a video guide for the build, as I think this build will probably become one of the strongest marksman builds. I took some inspiration from Apprentice’s Corner for the initial setup for something that has high damage potential, but beyond that I’m fine tuning it for arena.

You can check out my arena runs on twitch at Twitch . I’ll most likely be doing some arena runs in the next few days.

Split arrow is another route that is very strong, and lizard has a build on that currently doing around 300 waves too, You can find his stream at Twitch .

I haven’t explored puncture arrow or detonating arrow much yet, but I think those also might have some potential. You just have to play around with things and experiment until you find what works.

Sure Bladedancer is more powerfull he can oneshot every boss ingame so that’s out of question. I play a cinder strike ignite stacking build and it’s pretty much working like a charm but it needs a ton of scaling to realy work as good as other dot builds.

Crit hail of arrows? With hail of arrows having the DoT tag and not being able to crit? Unless I’ve missed an item/affix/passive that functions like Ignivar’s Head that makes crit chance increase hail of arrow’s damage?

There is a node in hail of arrows that has initial barrage that lets you crit with it

today im gonna try a freese build whit hail of arrow and detonating arrow feels like it culd work just need to craft mana sustain or fix my mana.

Yeah, I tried that this morning before I posted, unfortunately it only affects the initial barrage, not the entire hail of arrows. :frowning:

The Sapping Strikes passive will help you there.

so its better to use detonating arrow if you wanna go a fresse build just toght it culd work thx to 200% freese rate on hail of arrow and detonating arrow

I’m not sure, since both skills have the same freeze rate & freeze multi bonuses. I can’t remember whether or not you can stack multiple casts of Hail of Arrows (mana permitting) for more rolls on the freeze.

what i have seen of trying hail of arrow on dummy is that you get 2 diff stacks of hail of arrow dmg thx to its 2 instances of dmg calculation but not sure if both instances has its own frese rate

If they can stack damage then they’ll stack the freeze chance (or rather, both instances of hail of arrows will roll the freeze chance independently).

ok thx

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