Black screen after opening new area


When i opened a new echo… i’ve got a black screen, except the HUD.

Image of the above

Added image of the end of the map, issue continued… but has resolved as soon as i left!

Not sure if it’s similar to this bug or not. Yours is a lot bigger & covers the entire screen.

Have you tried getting steam to validate the game files?

I can look into getting steam to validate game files - I just had the same bug again occur today.

Could you upload the log files from when it happens?

Having similar problems - black screen (other than HUD) when move to a region. Also black when I exit game to go back to character selection screen. Can still see HUD, but no background. Surprisingly I can interact with mobs and complete the level. Can see drops represented on the screen and pick them up.

Edit: And, yes, I did verify integrity of files via Steam, before the attempt associated with the ‘Player.log’ file.

Uploading Player.log, Player-prev.log and files.Player.log (27.0 KB) Player-prev.log (473.4 KB) (20.3 KB)

Still experiencing issue with 0.7.10 release. Maybe 20% of the time I transition to a new area, the background is black. The pop-ups for the loot will show, but otherwise unable to see anything other than the HUD. (45.9 KB) same problem in the first or second(not sure) quest echo ruin of the empire(90)

Crashes on loading screen - #8 by Quugog ← May or may not be helpful.

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