Black and white screen when switching out of reaper form

This might be a shader issue again:

It does not always happen, but when it happens it is very distracting.
If I go into reaper form again it reverts to normal until I drop out again.

I also tried the shader patches from Fixes for various graphics bugs on Linux - #8 by KingEKoP and they work, but not on this issue.

@Azerov Did you encounter this bug as well? On the gitlab page I also uploaded a short video.

yes, I also ran into this when playing lich. I responded on the gitlab issue. My hope is this is one of the issues addressed for release. Will have to wait for patch (notes).

The purple character screen seems fixed.
The minimap is still broken for me (only showing the icons) / can be fixed with -force-vulkan flag
The reaper form. / seems fixed (tested with -force-vulkan)